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tox·ic / ˈtäksik/ • adj. poisonous: the dumping of toxic waste | alcohol is toxic to the ovaries. ∎  of or relating to poison: toxic hazards. ∎  caused by poison: toxic liver injury. • n. (toxics) poisonous substances. DERIVATIVES: tox·i·cal·ly / -sik(ə)lē/ adv. tox·ic·i·ty / täkˈsisitē/ n.

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toxic poisonous XVII; due to poisoning XIX. — medL. toxicus, f. L. toxicum poison — Gr. toxikón (phármakon) (poison) by smearing arrows, n. of toxikós, f. tóxa pl. (bow and) arrows, f. tóxon bow; see -IC.
Hence toxin poison produced by a microbe. XIX.

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toxicboracic, classic, Jurassic, neoclassic, potassic, thoracic, Triassic •ataraxic • carsick • heartsick •geodesic •anorexic, dyslexic •airsick • basic • seasick •extrinsic, intrinsic •fossick, virtuosic •toxic • homesick • lovesick

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toxic (toks-ik) adj. having a poisonous effect; potentially lethal.

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