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invasionabrasion, Australasian, equation, Eurasian, evasion, invasion, occasion, persuasion, pervasion, suasion, Vespasianadhesion, cohesion, Friesian, lesion •circumcision, collision, concision, decision, derision, division, elision, envision, excision, imprecision, incision, misprision, precisian, precision, provision, scission, vision •subdivision • television • Eurovision •LaserVision •corrosion, eclosion, erosion, explosion, implosion •allusion, collusion, conclusion, confusion, contusion, delusion, diffusion, effusion, exclusion, extrusion, fusion, illusion, inclusion, interfusion, intrusion, obtrusion, occlusion, preclusion, profusion, prolusion, protrusion, reclusion, seclusion, suffusion, transfusion •Monaghan • Belgian •Bajan, Cajun, contagion, TrajanGlaswegian, legion, Norwegian, region •irreligion, religion •Injun • Harijan • oxygen • antigen •sojourn • donjon • Georgian •theologian, Trojan •Rügen •bludgeon, curmudgeon, dudgeon, gudgeon, trudgen •dungeon • glycogen • halogen •collagen • Imogen • carcinogen •hallucinogen • androgen •oestrogen (US estrogen) •hydrogen • nitrogen •burgeon, sturgeon, surgeon

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in·va·sion / inˈvāzhən/ • n. an instance of invading a country or region with an armed force: the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia | in 1546 England had to be defended from invasion. ∎  an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity: stadium guards are preparing for another invasion of fans. ∎  an unwelcome intrusion into another's domain: random drug testing of employees is an unwarranted invasion of privacy. ∎  the infestation of a body by harmful organisms: a bacterial invasion.

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Invasion ★★½ 1965

A hospital opens its doors to an accident victim, and his attractive female visitors don't seem sympathetic to the idea of a long hospital stay. Turns out he's an escaped alien prisoner, and the alien babes, intent on intergalactic extradition, place a force field around the hospital and demand his return. Early effort of director Bridges, who later did “The Shooting Party.” Interesting, creepy, atmospheric, with very cool camera moves. 82m/B VHS . GB Edward Judd, Yoko Tani, Valerie Gearon, Lyndon Brook, Tsai Chin, Barrie Ingham; D: Alan Bridges.

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invasion (in-vay-zhŏn) n.
1. the onset of a disease.

2. the entry of bacteria into the body.

3. the destruction of healthy tissue by a malignant tumour.

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