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in·trin·sic / inˈtrinzik; -sik/ • adj. belonging naturally; essential: access to the arts is intrinsic to a high quality of life. ∎  (of a muscle) contained wholly within the organ on which it acts. DERIVATIVES: in·trin·si·cal·ly / -ik(ə)lē/ adv.

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intrinsic †inward, inner XV — XVII (later anat. XIX); of its own, proper XVII. — (O)F. intrinsèque — late L. intrinsecus, f. L. adv. intrinsecus inwardly, inwards; from the first the ending was assim. to -IC.
So intrinsically XVI.

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intrinsicboracic, classic, Jurassic, neoclassic, potassic, thoracic, Triassic •ataraxic • carsick • heartsick •geodesic •anorexic, dyslexic •airsick • basic • seasick •extrinsic, intrinsic •fossick, virtuosic •toxic • homesick • lovesick

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intrinsic (in-trin-sik) adj. exclusive to a part or body.

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