Seals, Son (1942—)

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Seals, Son (1942—)

One of the strongest live performers to work Chicago's blues circuit, Son Seals brought a new energy to the scene as many of the older musicians were beginning to slow down. Seals was at the forefront of a generation of young guitar players who carried on the traditions of Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Howlin' Wolf. Seals's father owned the Dipsy Doodle Club in Osceola, Arkansas, exposing young Son to blues at an early age. He took up drums and played with Williamson, Robert Nighthawk, and Earl Hooker while a teenager and toured with Albert King during the mid-1960s. Seals moved to Chicago and formed his own group as a guitarist in 1972, recording The Son Seals Blues Band for Alligator Records in 1973; he recorded seven more albums for Alligator through 1996. Seals was shot in the jaw by his wife during a domestic disturbance in January, 1997. He recovered and remained a top draw in Chicago's clubs.

—Jon Klinkowitz

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