Henson, Jim (1936-1990)

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Henson, Jim (1936-1990)

Puppeteer and filmmaker/director Jim Henson was the genius behind the world famous puppet creations known as Muppets. By the end of the twentieth century, Henson's name was synonymous with modern puppetry, children's television programming, and family based entertainment. With his talented team of artists, he revolutionized the ancient art of puppetry by fusing it with twentieth century technology—first through his television shows Sesame Street (1969) and The Muppet Show (1976), then through films and computer animation. Yet Henson was not famous solely for his technical innovations. His work expressed a strong moral vision—humorous, uplifting, full of tolerance, and love—that viewed all individuals as worthy of respect. It was this vision, expressed through his life-like puppets, that transcended lines of age and culture (Henson's work has been seen in 120 countries), and brought Jim Henson praise as his century's greatest entertainer-educator.

—Brian Granger

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