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Traps ★★½ 1993 (R)

Australian journalist Michael Duffield (Reynolds) and his English photographer wife Louise (Reeves) arrive for an assignment in 1950 French Indochina. Michael is to write about life on a Frenchowned rubber plantation, managed by Daniel (Frey), who lives with his rather peculiar daughter Viola (McKenzie). The plantation is troubled by the increasingly militant Viet-Minh rebels and it becomes clear that the four characters all have their own emotional difficulties to deal with, as well. Loosely adapted from the novel “Dreamhouse” by Kate Grenville. Feature film directing debut for Chan. 95m/C VHS . AU Saskia Reeves, Robert Reynolds, Sami Frey, Jacqueline McKenzie; D: Pauline Chan; W: Pauline Chan, Robert Carter; C: Kevin Hayward; M: Douglas Stephen Rae.


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traps (colloq.) personal effects, belongings. XIX. of uncert. orig.; perh. contr. of TRAPPINGS.


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articles of dress; personal effects and belongings, 1813.