From the House of the Dead

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House of the Dead, From The (Z Mrtvého Domu). Opera in 3 acts by Janáček to his own lib. based on Dostoyevsky's novel (1862) about his experiences in prison. Comp. 1927–8. Prod. Brno 1930, Edinburgh 1964, London 1965, NY 1990. Part of orch. prelude was taken by Janáček from unfinished vn. conc. (1927–8) to be called Pilgrimage of the Soul (Putováné dušičky). Problem arises over final 17 bars of this opera inserted by O. Zitek, B. Bakala, and O. Chlubna at the f.p. (1930) which is choral and optimistic; Janáček's orig. ending was more realistic, with an orch. epilogue of 27 bars, and this has been restored in perfs. cond. by Mackerras, Armstrong, and others.

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From the House of the Dead. See House of the Dead, From the.