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finalannal, channel, flannel, impanel, multichannel, panel •cracknel •grapnel, shrapnel •carnal •antennal, crenel, fennel, kennel •regnal •anal, decanal •adrenal, officinal, penal, renal, venal •signal, spignel •hymnal • cardinal • libidinal • ordinal •attitudinal, latitudinal, longitudinal •altitudinal •imaginal, paginal •marginal, submarginal •aboriginal • virginal • disciplinal •seminal •criminal, liminal, subliminal •abdominal, nominal, phenomenal, pronominal •noumenal •germinal, terminal •vaticinal, vicinal •sentinel • intestinal • Juvenaldoctrinal, final, semi-final, spinal, urinal, vaginal •quarterfinal •cantonal, O'Connell •cornel • nounal •atonal, Donal, hormonal, Monel, patronal, polytonal, tonal, zonal •motional •lagoonal, monsoonal, tribunal •communal •Chunnel, funnel, gunnel, gunwale, runnel, tunnel •autumnal • meridional •embryonal, Lionel •diagonal, heptagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, tetragonal •trigonal • orthogonal • occasional •divisional, provisional, visional •delusional, fusional, illusional •regional • original • coronal • arsenal •medicinal •impersonal, interpersonal, personal, transpersonal •irrational, national, passional, rational •factional, fractional, redactional, transactional •confessional, congressional, expressional, impressional, obsessional, processional, professional, progressional, recessional, secessional, sessional, successional •connectional, correctional, directional, interjectional, intersectional, sectional, unidirectional •ascensional, attentional, conventional, declensional, intentional, tensional, three-dimensional, two-dimensional •conceptional, exceptional, perceptional •durational, locational, oblational, relational, vocational •rotational •additional, positional, tuitional, volitional •fictional, jurisdictional •inscriptional • optional • proportional •devotional, emotional, notional, promotional •constitutional, evolutional, institutional, substitutional •constructional, fluxional, instructional •conjunctional, dysfunctional, functional, multifunctional •versional • seasonal •colonel, diurnal, eternal, external, fraternal, infernal, internal, journal, kernel, maternal, nocturnal, paternal, supernal, vernal

views updated

fi·nal / ˈfīnl/ • adj. coming at the end of a series: the final version of the report. ∎  reached or designed to be reached as the outcome of a process or a series of events: the final cost will run into six figures. ∎  allowing no further doubt or dispute: the decision of the panel is final. • n. 1. the last game in a sports tournament or other competition, which decides the winner. ∎  (finals) a series of games constituting the final stage of a competition. 2. an examination at the end of a term, academic year, or particular class. 3. Mus. the principal note in a mode.

views updated

Final ★★½ 2001 (R)

Bill (Leary) wakes up confused in a Connecticut psychiatric hospital after an apparent suicide attempt. He's assigned to Ann (Davis), a young staff therapist who tries to help Bill sort out his memories from his delusions, which include the fear that he's to be executed by lethal injection and must escape. The story takes on some strange twists, including patients' rights and conspiracy theories. 111m/C VHS, DVD . Denis Leary, Hope Davis, J.C. MacKenzie, Jim Gaffigan; D: Campbell Scott; W: Bruce McIntosh; C: Dan Gillham; M: Guy Davis.

views updated

final. (Eng.).
1. The note on which the modal scale ends (see modes), as on the keynote of the major or minor scale.

2. (Fr.). finale.

views updated

final XIV. — (O)F. final or L. fīnpālis, f. finis end; see -AL1.
So finality XVI (once; not current till early XIX) — F. — late L. finally XIV. finalize XX.

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