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255. Mankind

See also 17. ANTHROPOLOGY ;341. RACE ;424. WOMEN .

the study of the customs of uncivilized people, usually on the com-parative level. agriologist , n. agriological , adj.
the theory that human beings lack a spiritual nature; animality. animalist , n. animalistic , adj.
an animal with a tongue like that of man, as the parrot.
the branch of anthropology that describes the varieties of mankind and their geographical distribution. anthropographer , n. an- thropographic , adj.
a creature resembling man, as an ape. anthropoid, anthropoidal , adj.
the study of the origins, development, racial and social character, and beliefs of mankind. anthropologist , n. anthropological , adj.
Rare. the branch of anthropology that studies the interrelation of the laws regulating human behavior and environment. Also anthroponomics . anthroponomist , n. anthroponomical , adj.
of insects, attracted to human beings.
an abnormal fear of people.
a movement developed from theosophy by Rudolf Steiner, Austrian social philosopher, to develop the faculty of cognition and the awareness of spiritual reality, anthroposophist , n. anthroposophical , adj.
ergonomics. biotechnologist , n. biotechnologie, biotechnological , adj.
the science of vital and social statistics, as of the deaths, births, marriages, etc., of populations. demographer , n. demographic , adj.
the study of human activities and social conditions. demological , adj.
a hatred of people.
the study of the various factors affecting man in his working environment. Also called biotechnology. ergonomic , adj.
a branch of anthropology that studies and describes individual human cultures. ethnographer , n. ethnographic, ethnographical , adj.
the science proposed by John Stuart MUI for the study of the character formation in humans. ethologic, ethological , adj.
the study of the traditions of a particular people in custom, song, story, belief, etc. folklorist , n.
any of the two-legged primates, extinct or living, including man. hominid , adj.
1. a small man or midget.
2. the microcosmic human form formerly believed to be present in spermatozoon.
1. any system or mode of thought or action in which human interests, values, and dignity are taken to be of primary importance, as in moral judgments.
2. a devotion to or study of the humanities.
3. a theory of the life of man as a responsible being behaving independently of a revelation or deity. Also called naturalistic, scientific, or philosophical humanism. humanist , n. humanistic , adj.
1. a creature resembling man, as one of mans early ancestors.
2. Science Fiction. any manlike creature from another planet. humanoid , adj.
the figurative description of man as a miniature universe.
misanthropism, misanthropy
a hatred or distrust of all people. misathrope , n. misanthropic , adj.
the theory that the entire human race is descended from a single ancestral pair. Also monogenesis, monogeny. monogenist , n. monogenistic , adj.
paleethnology, paleoethnology
the study of the races of early man. paleethnologic, paleethnological, paleoethnological , adj. paleethnologist, paleoethnologist , n.
the ethnography of the prehistorie races of man.
1. an affection for mankind, especially as manifested in the devotion of work or wealth to persons or socially useful purposes.
2. activity revealing this affection. Also called philanthropy. philanthropist , n. philanthropic, philanthropical , adj.
1. the science or study of the origin, development, organization, and functioning of human society.
2. the science of fundamental laws of social behavior, relations, institutions, etc. sociologist , n. sociological , adj.
the measurement of attitudes of social acceptance or rejection among members of a social grouping. sociometrist , n. sociometric , adj.
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mankinddownwind, Lind, prescind, rescind, Sind, upwind, wind •Wedekind • wunderkind • Rosalind •unexamined • undetermined •tamarind • uncurtained • headwind •tradewind • tailwind • crosswind •woodwind • whirlwind •affined, behind, bind, blind, find, grind, hind, humankind, interwind, kind, mankind, mind, nonaligned, resigned, rind, unaligned, unassigned, unconfined, undefined, undersigned, undesigned, unlined, unrefined, unsigned, wynd •spellbind • womankind • snowblind •sunblind • colourblind • purblind •mastermind •abscond, beau monde, beyond, blonde, bond, correspond, demi-monde, despond, fond, frond, Gironde, haut monde, pond, respond, ronde, second, wand •Eurobond • vagabond • millpond •dewpond • Trebizond •unadorned, unmourned, unwarned

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man·kind / ˌmanˈkīnd; ˈmanˌkīnd/ • n. 1. human beings considered collectively; the human race: research for the benefit of all mankind. 2. / ˈmanˌkīnd/ archaic men, as distinct from women.

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mankind XIII. repl. † mankin, OE. mancynn (MAN, KIN), by substitution of KIND1.