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Geor·gian1 / ˈjôrjən/ • adj. 1. of or characteristic of the reigns of the British kings George I–IV (1714–1830). ∎  of or relating to British architecture of this period that was characterized esp. by restrained elegance and the use of neoclassical styles. 2. of or characteristic of the reigns of the British kings George V and VI (1910–52). ∎  of or relating to British literature of 1910–20, in particular pastoral poetry of a type strongly attacked by the early modernists. Geor·gian2 • adj. of or relating to the country of Georgia, its people, or their language. • n. 1. a native or national of Georgia, or a person of Georgian descent. 2. the South Caucasian (or Kartvelian) language, having its own alphabet, that is the official language of Georgia. Geor·gian3 • adj. of or relating to the state of Georgia in the U.S. • n. a native of Georgia.

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Georgianabrasion, Australasian, equation, Eurasian, evasion, invasion, occasion, persuasion, pervasion, suasion, Vespasianadhesion, cohesion, Friesian, lesion •circumcision, collision, concision, decision, derision, division, elision, envision, excision, imprecision, incision, misprision, precisian, precision, provision, scission, vision •subdivision • television • Eurovision •LaserVision •corrosion, eclosion, erosion, explosion, implosion •allusion, collusion, conclusion, confusion, contusion, delusion, diffusion, effusion, exclusion, extrusion, fusion, illusion, inclusion, interfusion, intrusion, obtrusion, occlusion, preclusion, profusion, prolusion, protrusion, reclusion, seclusion, suffusion, transfusion •Monaghan • Belgian •Bajan, Cajun, contagion, TrajanGlaswegian, legion, Norwegian, region •irreligion, religion •Injun • Harijan • oxygen • antigen •sojourn • donjon • Georgian •theologian, Trojan •Rügen •bludgeon, curmudgeon, dudgeon, gudgeon, trudgen •dungeon • glycogen • halogen •collagen • Imogen • carcinogen •hallucinogen • androgen •oestrogen (US estrogen) •hydrogen • nitrogen •burgeon, sturgeon, surgeon

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Georgian Language of Georgia. The most important member of the South Caucasian (Kartvelian) language family, it is spoken by nearly 4 million people.

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