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com·ic / ˈkämik/ • adj. causing or meant to cause laughter: comic and fantastic exaggeration. ∎  relating to or in the style of comedy: a comic actor. • n. 1. a comedian, esp. a professional one. 2. (comics) comic strips.

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comicaerodynamic, balsamic, ceramic, cryptogamic, cycloramic, dynamic, hydrodynamic, Islamic, panoramic, psychodynamic, thermodynamic •Kalmyk, ophthalmic •chasmic, cytoplasmic, ectoplasmic, miasmic, orgasmic, phantasmic •karmic, psalmic •academic, alchemic, endemic, epidemic, pandemic, polemic, totemic •anaemic (US anemic), epistemic, systemic •bulimic, gimmick, metronymic, mimic, pantomimic, patronymic •filmic •eurhythmic, logarithmic, rhythmic •cataclysmic • seismic •agronomic, astronomic, atomic, comic, economic, ergonomic, gastronomic, metronomic, palindromic, physiognomic, subatomic, taxonomic, tragicomic •cosmic, macrocosmic, microcosmic •gnomic, monochromic, ohmic, photochromic •humic •hypodermic, taxidermic, thermic

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comic Magazine consisting of stories told by means of strip cartoons with ‘balloons’ containing the characters' speech. Comics evolved from the comic-strip in the 1930s, and cover many subjects – from war and science fiction to school and family life. A tradition of adult, politicized, subversive and often erotic comics, along with explicit graphic novels, has established itself during the latter part of the 20th century.

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comic pert. to comedy XVI; ludicrous, funny XVIII. — L. cōmicus — Gr. kōmikós, f. kômos revel; see COMEDY, -IC.
So comical XV.

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