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com·fort·a·ble / ˈkəmfərtəbəl; ˈkəmftərbəl/ • adj. 1. (esp. of clothes or furnishings) providing physical ease and relaxation. ∎  (of a person) physically relaxed and free from constraint: he would not be comfortable in any other clothes. ∎  not in pain (used esp. of a hospital patient). ∎  free from stress or fear: they appear very comfortable in each other's company. ∎  free from financial worry; having an adequate standard of living.2. as large as is needed or wanted: a comfortable income. ∎  with a wide margin: a comfortable victory.• n. dial. a warm quilt.DERIVATIVES: com·fort·a·ble·ness·fort·a·bly / -blē/ adv.