views updated May 14 2018

FRICATIVE. In PHONETICS, a vocal sound made by bringing active and passive articulators close together, so that noise is generated as the airstream passes through the gap. The /f/ in fee is made by bringing the active lower lip close to the passive upper front teeth, and is a labiodental fricative CONSONANT. The /f/ and /v/ in five are the same kind of fricative; the first voiceless, the second voiced. Compare AFFRICATE. See SPEECH.


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fric·a·tive / ˈfrikətiv/ Phonet. • adj. denoting a type of consonant made by the friction of breath in a narrow opening, producing a turbulent air flow.• n. a consonant made in this way, e.g., f and th.


views updated Jun 27 2018

fricative XIX. — modL. fricatīvus, f. L. fricāre; see next and -ATIVE.