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dulyboule, coolie, coulée, duly, Friuli, goolie, Hooley, Julie, mooli, newly, puli, schoolie, stoolie, Thule, truly, unruly •googly, Hooghly •muesli • absolutely • torulae •ampullae, bullae, bully, fully, Lully, pulley, Woolley, woolly •goodly • patchouli • nebuly •vox populi • formulae • uvulae •dully, gulley, gully, sully •nubbly •crumbly, grumbly •cuddly, Dudley •plug-ugly, ugly •jungly •comely, rumly •slovenly • cousinly • crumply •Huxley • Uttley •bimonthly, monthly •lovely

views updated

du·ly / ˈd(y)oōlē/ • adv. in accordance with what is required or appropriate; following proper procedure or arrangement: a document duly signed and authorized by the inspector | the ceremony duly began at midnight. ∎  as might be expected or predicted: I used the tent and was duly impressed.