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doze / dōz/ • v. [intr.] sleep lightly: he found his mother dozing by the fire. ∎  (doze off) fall lightly asleep: I dozed off for a few seconds. • n. [in sing.] a short light sleep. ORIGIN: mid 17th cent. (in the sense ‘stupefy, bewilder, or make drowsy’): perhaps related to Danish døse ‘make drowsy.’

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dozeappose, arose, Bose, brose, chose, close, compose, diagnose, doze, enclose, expose, foreclose, froze, hose, impose, interpose, juxtapose, Montrose, noes, nose, oppose, plainclothes, pose, propose, prose, rose, suppose, those, transpose, underexpose, uprose •Berlioz • flambeaux • thrombose •bandeaux • bulldoze • fricandeaux •metamorphose • pantyhose • glucose •gallows, Hallowes •tableaux • parclose • Fellows •bedclothes • nightclothes • rouleaux •underclothes • misdiagnose •Ambrose • dextrose • Faeroes •primrose • cornrows • sucrose •Burroughs • tuberose •bateaux, gateaux, plateaux •portmanteaux • fructose

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doze †stupefy, muddle, perplex; sleep drowsily. XVII. perh. of Scand. orig. cf. Da. døse drowse, etc.
Hence doze sb. XVIII.

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