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do·ing / ˈdoōing/ • n. 1. (usu. doings) the activities in which a particular person engages: the latest doings of television stars. ∎  deeds; accomplishments: he didn't want to trumpet his doings on an open line. ∎  social events: informal Cajun doings with some fiddling good-timers. 2. effort; activity: it would take some doing to calm him down. PHRASES: be someone's doing be the creation or fault of the person named: he looked at Lisa as though it was all her doing.

views updated

doingBeijing, bing, bring, Chungking, cling, ding, dingaling, fling, I Ching, king, Kunming, ling, Ming, Nanjing, Peking, ping, ring, sing, Singh, sling, spring, sting, string, swing, Synge, thing, ting, wing, wring, Xining, zing •saying, slaying •bricklaying • minelaying •being, far-seeing, unseeing •sightseeing • well-being •blackberrying •dairying, unvarying •unwearying •self-pitying, unpitying •belying, dying, lying, self-denying, tying, vying •unedifying • unsatisfying • outlying •drawing • underdrawing •easygoing, flowing, going, knowing, mowing, outgoing, showing, sowing, thoroughgoing, toing and froing •seagoing • ongoing • foregoing •theatregoing • churchgoing •following • borrowing • annoying •bluing, doing, misdoing •evil-doing • wrongdoing

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