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dis·grace / disˈgrās/ • n. loss of reputation or respect, esp. as the result of a dishonorable action: he left the army in disgrace | if he'd gone back, it would have brought disgrace on the family. ∎  [in sing.] a person or thing regarded as shameful and unacceptable: he's a disgrace to the legal profession. • v. [tr.] bring shame or discredit on (someone or something): you have disgraced the family name | John stiffened his jaw so he wouldn't disgrace himself by crying. ∎  (be disgraced) fall from favor or lose a position of power or honor: he has been publicly disgraced for offenses of which he was not guilty | [as adj.] (disgraced) an officer's sword was broken in half over the head of the disgraced soldier.

views updated

disgrace sb. XVI. — F. disgrâce- It. disgrazia, f. dis- DIS- 2 + grazia GRACE.
So as vb. XVI.