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dis·cur·sive / disˈkərsiv/ • adj. 1. digressing from subject to subject: students often write dull, secondhand, discursive prose. ∎  (of a style of speech or writing) fluent and expansive rather than formulaic or abbreviated: the short story is concentrated, whereas the novel is discursive. 2. of or relating to discourse or modes of discourse: the attempt to transform utterances from one discursive context to another. 3. archaic Philos. proceeding by argument or reasoning rather than by intuition. DERIVATIVES: dis·cur·sive·ly adv. dis·cur·sive·ness n.

views updated

discursive passing rapidly from one thing to another XVI; ratiocinative XVII. — medL. discursīvus, f. discurs-; see DISCOURSE, -IVE.