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-ive in ME. -if(e), -yf(e) — (O)F. -if, fem. -ive :- L. -īvus, -īvum, fem. -īva, suffix added mainly to pp. stems, e.g. actīvus, -īva ACTIVE, nātīvus inborn, NATIVE, but also to pres. stems, e.g. cadīvus falling, f. cadere, and to sbs., e.g. tempestīvus seasonable, f. tempestās TEMPEST. Eng. formations on vb.-stems often assume the appearance of being of the pp. type, as adoptive, selective; see also -ATIVE. Some L. adjs. were used sb., as captīvus, fugitīvus; of this usage there is a wide extension in mod. langs. and Eng. (adjective, explosive, missive, sedative).