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dep·re·cate / ˈdepriˌkāt/ • v. [tr.] 1. express disapproval of: [as adj.] (deprecating) he sniffed in a deprecating way. 2. another term for depreciate (sense 2): he deprecates the value of children's television. DERIVATIVES: dep·re·cat·ing·ly adv. dep·re·ca·tion / ˌdeprəˈkāshən/ n. dep·re·ca·tive / -ˌkātiv/ adj. dep·re·ca·tor / -ˌkātər/ n.

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deprecate •defalcate • demarcate • cheapskate •eradicate • abdicate •dedicate, medicate, predicate •indicate, syndicate, vindicate •adjudicate • defecate •certificate, pontificate •confiscate • replicate • explicate •spifflicate • triplicate • implicate •complicate •duplicate, quadruplicate, quintuplicate •supplicate • fornicate •communicate, excommunicate, intercommunicate, tunicate •divaricate, prevaricate •fabricate • deprecate • metricate •extricate •lubricate, rubricate •desiccate • intoxicate • masticate •authenticate • domesticate •sophisticate • prognosticate •rusticate • hypothecate • manducate •educate • obfuscate • inculcate •bifurcate • suffocate • allocate •dislocate • reciprocate • coruscate •altercate • advocate • equivocate •furcate

views updated

deprecate pray against; plead for the avoidance of. XVII. f. pp. stem of L. dēprecārī, f. DE- 2 + precārī PRAY; see ATE3.
So deprecation XV. — L. deprecatory XVI. — late L.

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