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crag·gy / ˈkragē/ • adj. (-gi·er , -gi·est ) (of a landscape) having many crags: a craggy coastline. ∎  (of a cliff or rock face) rough and uneven. ∎  (of a person's face, typically a man's) rugged and rough-textured in an attractive way. DERIVATIVES: crag·gi·ly / ˈkragəlē/ adv. crag·gi·ness n.

views updated

craggyAggie, baggy, craggy, draggy, jaggy, Maggie, quaggy, saggy, scraggy, shaggy, slaggy, snaggy •Hwange •dreggy, eggy, leggy, Peggy •dengue • plaguy •Carnegie, Malpighi •ciggy, piggy, spriggy •boggy, cloggy, doggy, foggy, froggy, groggy, moggie, smoggy, soggy •demagogy •corgi, porgy •bogey, bogie, dogie, fogey, hoagie, stogy, yogi •boogie, boogie-woogie, sastrugi •buggy, druggy, fuggy, muggy, puggy •lungi, sarangi •Lalage • lurgy