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cou·pler / ˈkəp(ə)lər/ • n. something that connects two things, esp. mechanical components or systems: a hydraulic coupler. ∎  Mus. a device in an organ for connecting two manuals so that they both sound when only one is played. ∎  Mus. (also octave coupler) a similar device for connecting notes with their octaves above or below. ∎  Photog. a compound in a developer or an emulsion that combines with the products of development to form an insoluble dye, part of the image. ∎  (also acoustic coupler) a modem that converts digital signals from a computer into audible sound signals and vice versa, so that the former can be transmitted and received over telephone lines.

views updated

couplercolour (US color), cruller, culler, medulla, mullah, Muller, nullah, sculler, Sulla •doubler, troubler •bumbler, grumbler, stumbler, tumbler •bundler • muffler • juggler • bungler •suckler • coupler •hustler, rustler •butler, cutler •puzzler • swashbuckler • technicolor •multicolour (US multicolor) •watercolour (US watercolor)

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