Courage Mountain

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Courage Mountain ★ 1989 (PG)

If you're looking for a good sequel to Johanna Spyri's classic “Heidi” this isn't it. Europe is on the brink of WWI when teenage Heidi leaves her beloved mountain for an exclusive boarding school in Italy. Not surprisingly in a war zone, the military takes over and the kids are sent to an orphanage run by nasties (see also “Oliver!”). The girls escape to the mountains and are saved by none other than Sheen as Heidi's pal Peter (who cast the 20-something Sheen as a teenager? Bad mistake.) Ridiculous sequel to the classic tale will appeal to kids despite what the critics say. 92m/C VHS, DVD . Juliette Caton, Joanna Clarke, Nicola Stapleton, Charlie Sheen, Jan Rubes, Leslie Caron, Jade Magri, Kathryn Ludlow, Yorgo Voyagis, Laura Betti; D: Christopher Leitch; W: Weaver Webb; M: Sylvester Levay.