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coarse / kôrs/ • adj. 1. rough or loose in texture or grain: a coarse woolen cloth. ∎  made of large grains or particles: coarse sand. ∎  (of grains or particles) large. ∎  (of a person's features) not elegantly formed or proportioned. ∎  (of food or drink) of inferior quality. 2. (of a person or a person's speech) rude, crude, or vulgar. DERIVATIVES: coarse·ness n. coars·ish adj.

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coarsecoarse, corse, course, divorce, endorse (US indorse), enforce, force, gorse, hoarse, horse, morse, Norse, perforce, reinforce, sauce, source, torse •Wilberforce • workforce • packhorse •carthorse • racehorse • sea horse •hobby horse • Whitehorse •sawhorse, warhorse •clothes horse • shire horse •workhorse • racecourse • concourse •intercourse • watercourse •outsource

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coarse †ordinary, common XIV; wanting in fineness or delicacy XVI. Earliest forms cors(e), course; the present form appears XVII, but is anticipated by †cowarce (XVI); the earliest application is to cloth or clothes; of unkn. orig.

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