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clum·sy / ˈkləmzē/ • adj. (-si·er , -si·est ) awkward in movement or in handling things. ∎  done awkwardly or without skill or elegance: a clumsy attempt to park a clumsy remake of an old movie. ∎  difficult to handle or use; unwieldy: the legal procedure is far too clumsy. ∎  lacking social skills and graces. DERIVATIVES: clum·si·ly / -zəlē/ adv. clum·si·ness n.

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clumsybluesy, boozy, choosy, doozy, floozie, jacuzzi, medusae, newsy, oozy, Pusey, snoozy, Susie, Uzi, woozy •woodsy • Wolsey • jalousie •fuzzy, muzzy, scuzzy •sudsy • clumsy • klutzy •durzi, furzy, jersey, kersey, Mersey •Guernsey

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clumsy †benumbed; moving as if benumbed, awkward in action. XVI. f. (dial.) clumse benumb (XIII), prob. of Scand. orig.

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