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captivatelactate, tractate •apartheid • peltate • edentate •testate • dictate • meditate • agitate •vegetate • interdigitate •cogitate, excogitate •ingurgitate, regurgitate •facilitate, habilitate, militate •debilitate • imitate • decapitate •palpitate • crepitate • precipitate •irritate •acetate, capacitate, triacetate •necessitate • felicitate • resuscitate •gravitate • levitate • hesitate •apostate, prostate •pernoctate • potentate • annotate •amputate • permutate • orientate •auscultate • commentate • superstate •devastate • salivate • elevate •activate • captivate • titivate •motivate • cultivate • ovate • excavate •enervate, renovate •innovate • aggravate • rotavate

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cap·ti·vate / ˈkaptəˌvāt/ • v. [tr.] attract and hold the interest and attention of; charm: he was captivated by her beauty. DERIVATIVES: cap·ti·vat·ing·ly / -ˌvāting/ adv. cap·ti·va·tion / ˌkaptəˈvāshən/ n.

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captivate †make captive, capture; enthral. XVI. f. pp. stem of late L. captivāre (after captivate pp. XIV), f. captīvus; see next and -ATE 3.
So captive (taken) prisoner. XIV. — L. captīvus, f. capt-, pp. stem of capere take. captivity XIV, captor XVII. capture sb. XVI; hence as vb. XVIII.

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