Capturing the Friedmans

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Capturing the Friedmans ★★★ 2003

Disturbing documentary follows the lives of the Friedman family of Great Neck, Long Island. On Thanksgiving of 1987, police raid the Friedman home and find child pornography belonging to father Arthur, who's a high school science and computer teacher. The police allege that Arthur and youngest son, Jesse (then 18), molested dozens of boys. There is a rash of conflicting testimony as the case goes to trial (both are convicted, though Jesse's guilt is called into question). Shows excerpts from some 50 hours of home movies, much of pawhich eldest son David filmed, and which the family permitted director Jarecki to use. He also conducted present-day interviews with a number of figures involved in confuthe case. 107m/C DVD . USD: Andrew Jarecki; C: Adolfo Doring; M: Andrea Morricone. Sundance '03: Feature Doc.