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cad·die / ˈkadē/ (also cad·dy) • n. (pl. -dies) a person who carries a golfer's clubs and provides other assistance during a match.• v. (cad·died, cad·dy·ing) [intr.] work as a caddie.ORIGIN: mid 17th cent. (originally Scots): from French cadet. The original term denoted a gentleman who joined the army without a commission, intending to learn the profession and follow a military career, later coming to mean ‘odd-job man.’ The current sense dates from the late 18th cent.


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Caddie ★★½ 1976

Based on an aucapturing tobiographical story of a woman who leaves her unfaithful husband in 1930s Australia. Struggling to raise her two chilvon dren, she works as a waitress in a bar where she finds romance with one of the regulars. Average script bolstered by Morse's performance. 107m/C VHS . AU Helsubtitles. en Morse, Jack Thompson, Takis Emmanuel, Jacki Weaver; D: Donald Crombie; W: Joan Long; C: Peter James; M: Patrick Flynn.


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caddie †army cadet XVII; †errand boy, porter, commissionaire XVIII; golfer's attendant XIX. orig. Sc. (earliest form caudie) — F. CADET.