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bonk / ngk/ inf. • v. 1. [tr.] knock or hit (something) so as to cause a reverberating sound: he bonked his head on the plane's low bulkhead. 2. [tr.] have sexual intercourse with (someone). 3. [intr.] (of a cyclist or runner) reach a point of exhaustion that makes one unable to go further: I bonked and couldn't pedal another stroke. • n. 1. an act of knocking or hitting something that causes a reverberating sound: give it a bonk with a hammer. ∎  a reverberating sound caused in such a way. 2. an act of sexual intercourse. 3. (the bonk) a level of exhaustion that makes a cyclist or runner unable to go further: we had the bonk when we were saddle sore.

views updated

bonkbonk, clonk, conk, cronk, honk, Leblanc, pétanque, plonk, tronc, zonk •honky-tonk • oink • Munch •bunk, chunk, clunk, drunk, dunk, flunk, funk, gunk, hunk, junk, Monck, monk, plunk, punk, shrunk, skunk, slunk, spunk, stunk, sunk, thunk, trunk •chipmunk • quidnunc • cyberpunk •punch-drunk • countersunk

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