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beneficialcircumstantial, financial, substantial •court-martial, impartial, marshal, martial, partial •especial, special •cadential, confidential, consequential, credential, deferential, differential, essential, evidential, existential, experiential, exponential, influential, intelligential, irreverential, jurisprudential, penitential, pestilential, potential, preferential, presidential, providential, prudential, quintessential, referential, residential, reverential, sapiential, sciential, sentential, sequential, tangential, torrential •abbatial, facial, fascial, glacial, interracial, multiracial, palatial, primatial, racial, spatial •artificial, beneficial, initial, interstitial, judicial, official, sacrificial, solstitial, superficial •provincial • seneschal • equinoctial •asocial, precocial, psychosocial, social •crucial, fiducial •bushel •antenuptial, nuptial •commercial, controversial, Herschel, inertial, infomercial

views updated

ben·e·fi·cial / ˌbenəˈfishəl/ • adj. favorable or advantageous; resulting in good: the beneficial effect on the economy discoveries beneficial to mankind. ∎  Law of or relating to rights, other than legal title: the beneficiary will be taxed on the value of his beneficial use of the property. DERIVATIVES: ben·e·fi·cial·ly adv.

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