Benefit of the Doubt

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Benefit of the Doubt ★★ 1993 (R)

Ex-con Sutherland, released from prison after 22 years, attempts to repaint his family a la Norman Rockwell. Grownup daughter Irving, who testified against him in her mother's murder, wants to put a crimp in those plans since daddy's new vision of family fondness frankly makes her stomach turn. Aside from the sexual shenanigans, and the haunting Monument Valley backdrop, an extended chase scene would seem to be the film's only hope of salvation. Unfortunately, it fails to deliver, since it's both implausible and boring. Based on a story by Michael Lieber. 92m/C VHS . Donald Sutherland, Amy Irving, Christopher McDonald, Rider Strong, Graham Greene, Theodore Bikel, Gisele Kovach, Ferdinand “Ferdy” Mayne; D: Jonathan Heap; W: Jeffrey Polman, Christopher Keyser; M: Hummie Mann.