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bellowaloe, callow, fallow, hallow, mallow, marshmallow, sallow, shallow, tallow •Pablo, tableau •cashflow • Anglo • matelot •Carlo, Harlow, Marlowe •Bargello, bellow, bordello, cello, Donatello, fellow, jello, martello, mellow, morello, niello, Novello, Pirandello, Portobello, Punchinello, Uccello, violoncello, yellow •pueblo • bedfellow • playfellow •Oddfellow • Longfellow •schoolfellow • Robin Goodfellow •airflow • halo • Day-Glo •filo, kilo •armadillo, billow, cigarillo, Murillo, Negrillo, peccadillo, pillow, tamarillo, Utrillo, willow •inflow • Wicklow • furbelow • Angelo •pomelo • uniflow •kyloe, lilo, milo, silo •Apollo, follow, hollow, Rollo, swallow, wallow •Oslo • São Paulo • outflow •bolo, criollo, polo, solo, tombolo •rouleau • regulo • modulo • mudflow •diabolo • bibelot • pedalo • underflow •buffalo •brigalow, gigolo •bungalow •Michelangelo, tangelo •piccolo • tremolo • alpenglow • tupelo •contraflow • afterglow • overflow •furlough • workflow

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bel·low / ˈbelō/ • v. [intr.] (of a person or animal) emit a deep loud roar, typically in pain or anger: he bellowed in agony [as n.] (bellowing) the bellowing of a bull. ∎  shout something with a deep loud roar: [tr.] the watchers were bellowing encouragement God send the right!” he bellowed. ∎  [tr.] sing (a song) loudly and tunelessly: he got thrown out of bars for bellowing Portuguese folk songs • n. a deep roaring shout or sound: a bellow of rage.

views updated

bellow roar as a bull. XIV. ME. belwen, of uncert. orig.

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