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bald / bôld/ • adj. 1. having a scalp wholly or partly lacking hair: he had a shiny bald head he was starting to go bald. ∎  (of an animal) not covered by the usual fur, hair, or feathers: hedgehogs are born bald. ∎  (of a tire) having the tread worn away: my car had two bald tires. 2. without any extra detail or explanation; plain or blunt: the bald statement in the preceding paragraph requires amplification. DERIVATIVES: bald·ish adj. bald·ly adv. (in sense 2) “I want to leave,” Stephen said baldly. bald·ness n.

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bald XIV. ME. balled(e), MSc. bellit hairless, having a white blaze, prob. an OE. formation (*bællede, *beallede) with suffix -ede on a base *ball- meaning orig. ‘white patch’. Cf. PIEBALD, SKEWBALD, and Ballard (XIV) bald-headed person, which survives as a surname.

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baldchild, Childe, mild, self-styled, undefiled, wild, Wilde •grandchild • stepchild • brainchild •godchild • Rothschild • schoolchild •love child • unreconciled •bald, scald, so-called, uncalled, unwalled •Archibald • piebald • skewbald •Theobald • Cumbernauld

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