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as·cend / əˈsend/ • v. 1. [tr.] go up or climb: she ascended the stairs | [intr.] new magmas were created and ascended to the surface. ∎  climb to the summit of (a mountain or hill): the first traveler to ascend the mountain. ∎  (of a fish or boat) move upstream along (a river). 2. [intr.] rise through the air: we had ascended 3,000 ft. ∎  (of a road or flight of steps) slope or lead up: the road ascends to the lake. ∎  move up the social or professional scale: he took exams to ascend through the ranks. ∎  (ascend to) rise to (an important position or a higher level): some executives ascend to top-level positions. ∎  (of a spiritual being or soul) rise into heaven: the Prophet ascended to heaven. ∎  (of a voice or sound) rise in pitch. PHRASES: ascend the throne become king or queen.

views updated

ascendcommand, demand, remand •reprimand • countermand •amend, append, apprehend, ascend, attend, befriend, bend, blend, blende, commend, comprehend, condescend, contend, depend, emend, end, expend, extend, fend, forfend, friend, impend, interdepend, lend, mend, misapprehend, misspend, offend, Oostende, Ostend, perpend, portend, rend, reprehend, scrag-end, send, spend, subtend, suspend, tail end, tend, transcend, trend, underspend, upend, vend, weekend, wend •U-bend • dividend • bookend •ill-omened • bin-end • stipend •penfriend • boyfriend • girlfriend •godsend • parascend • repetend •ingrained, self-contained, self-restrained, self-sustained, unascertained, unconstrained, undertrained, undrained, unexplained, unfeigned, unrestrained, unstained, unstrained, unsustained, untrained •crackbrained • harebrained •featherbrained • tearstained •fiend, unscreened, unweaned

views updated

ascend XIV. — L. ascendere, f. AD- + scandere climb.
So ascendant XIV. — (O)F. — prp. of L. ascendere. ascendancy XVIII.