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aid / ād/ • n. help, typically of a practical nature: he was walking with the aid of a walker. ∎  financial or material help given to a country or area in need: 700,000 tons of food aid. ∎  a person or thing that is a source of help or assistance: exercise is an important aid to recovery after heart attacks a teaching aid. ∎ hist. a grant of subsidy or tax to a king. • v. [tr.] help, assist, or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something: women were aided in childbirth by midwives | [intr.] the heel was slanted to aid in climbing hilly terrain. ∎  promote or encourage (something): diet and exercise aid healthy skin. PHRASES: aid and abetsee abet.

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aidabrade, afraid, aid, aide, ambuscade, arcade, balustrade, barricade, Belgrade, blade, blockade, braid, brigade, brocade, cannonade, carronade, cascade, cavalcade, cockade, colonnade, crusade, dissuade, downgrade, enfilade, esplanade, evade, fade, fusillade, glade, grade, grenade, grillade, handmade, harlequinade, homemade, invade, jade, lade, laid, lemonade, limeade, made, maid, man-made, marinade, masquerade, newlaid, orangeade, paid, palisade, parade, pasquinade, persuade, pervade, raid, serenade, shade, Sinéad, spade, staid, stockade, stock-in-trade, suede, tailor-made, they'd, tirade, trade, Ubaid, underpaid, undismayed, unplayed, unsprayed, unswayed, upbraid, upgrade, wade •nightshade • renegade • decade •Medicaid • motorcade • switchblade •Adelaide • accolade • rollerblade •marmalade • razor blade • handmaid •barmaid • Teasmade • milkmaid •dairymaid • bridesmaid • housemaid •chambermaid •parlourmaid (US parlormaid) •mermaid • nursemaid • escapade •ram raid • centigrade • multigrade •comrade • retrograde • lampshade •eyeshade • sunshade

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6. Aid

See also 75. CHARITY .

abetment, abettal
the act of abetting or inciting another to commit a crime. abettor, abetter, n.
the condition of holding the rank of adjutant.
almoner, almner
an official, as of a monastery, whose duty is to distribute charity or alms. almonership, n.
Formal. 1. a secretary.
2. a scribe or copyist.
joint aid or assistance; joint cooperation.
passive assistance, especially in wrongdoing.
Rare. connivance.
1. pertaining to alms.
2. Obsolete, an almsman; a person who lives on the charity of others.
Rare. 1. a hospital or hostel for orphans.
2. the care and support of orphans.
a person paid to perform tasks or services, especially as a hireling.
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AID acute infectious disease
• Aeronautical Inspection Directorate
• (USA) Agency for International Development
• agricultural industrial development
• Aircraft Intelligence Department
• American Institute of Decorators
• American Institute of Interior Designers
• Army Intelligence Department
• Med. artificial insemination (by) donor
• Association internationale pour le développement (French: International Development Association)

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AID • abbr. ∎  Agency for International Development. ∎  artificial insemination by donor.

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aid vb. XV. — OF. aidier (mod. aider) — L. adjūtāre, frequent. of adjuvāre, f. AD- + juvāre help.
So aid sb. XV.

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