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ad·vice / ədˈvīs/ • n. guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action, typically given by someone regarded as knowledgeable or authoritative: she visited the island on her doctor's advice. ∎  a formal notice of a financial transaction: remittance advices. ∎ archaic information; news: fresh advices from Europe PHRASES: take someone's advice act according to recommendations given: he took my advice and put his house up for sale.

views updated

advice †opinion XIII; †deliberation; counsel XIV; information given XV. ME. avis — (O)F. :- Rom. *advīsum, f. L. AD- + vīsum, n. pp. of vidēre see (vidērī seem); cf. WIT2.
So advise XIII. ME. avisen — (O)F. aviser (refash. after L. as †adviser) :- Rom. *advīsāre, f. -vīsāre, for L. vīsere, f. vidēre.

views updated

adviceadvice, bice, Brice, choc ice, concise, dice, entice, gneiss, ice, imprecise, lice, mice, nice, precise, price, rice, sice, slice, speiss, spice, splice, suffice, syce, thrice, trice, twice, underprice, vice, Zeiss •merchandise • paradise • sacrifice •packice • woodlice • fieldmice •titmice • dormice • allspice •cockatrice • edelweiss

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