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a·chieve / əˈchēv/ • v. [tr.] reach or attain (a desired objective, level, or result) by effort, skill, or courage: he achieved his ambition to become a journalist | [intr.] people striving to achieve. ∎  accomplish or bring about: the communist system achieved a basic economic modernization. DERIVATIVES: a·chiev·a·ble adj.a·chiev·er n.

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achieveachieve, believe, breve, cleave, conceive, deceive, eve, greave, grieve, heave, interleave, interweave, khedive, leave, misconceive, naive, Neve, peeve, perceive, reave, receive, reive, relieve, reprieve, retrieve, sheave, sleeve, steeve, Steve, Tananarive, Tel Aviv, thieve, underachieve, upheave, weave, we've, Yves •make-believe • shirtsleeve •semibreve • Congreve

views updated

achieve XIV. — (O)F. achever, f. Rom. *capum; see AD-, CHIEF.
Hence, or — (O)F. achèvement, achievement XV.

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