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etch·ing / ˈeching/ • n. a print produced by the process of etching: etchings of animals and wildflowers. ∎  the art or process of producing etched plates or objects.

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etching Method of intaglio (incised) printing used for black-and-white designs. A metal plate, usually copper, is coated with an acid-proof ground. A design is etched with a needle so that the lines penetrate the ground. The plate is then placed in an acid that eats away the exposed line so that it will hold ink. When the plate is finished, it is rolled with ink and placed in an etching press to be printed.

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etching •stabbing • ribbing • winebibbing •zorbing • probing • tubing • rubbing •hatching • backscratching • etching •preaching, teaching •schoolteaching • firewatching •birdwatching • heartsearching

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