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blast / blast/ • n. 1. a destructive wave of highly compressed air spreading outward from an explosion: they were thrown backward by the blast. ∎  an explosion or explosive firing, esp. of a bomb: a bomb blast. ∎ fig. a forceful attack or assault: he defeated his weakest opponent in such a blast that the fans left unimpressed. 2. a strong gust of wind or air: the icy blast hit them. 3. a single loud note of a horn, whistle, or other noisemaking device: a blast of the ship's siren. 4. inf. a severe reprimand: I braced myself for the inevitable blast. 5. inf. an enjoyable experience or lively party: it could turn out to be a real blast. • v. [tr.] 1. blow up or break apart (something solid) with explosives: quantities of solid rock had to be blasted away. ∎  produce (damage or a hole) by means of an explosion: the force of the collision blasted out a tremendous crater. ∎  [tr.] force or throw (something) in a specified direction by impact or explosion: the car was blasted thirty feet into the sky. ∎ inf. criticize fiercely: the school was blasted by government inspectors. 2. make or cause to make a loud continuous musical or other noise: [intr.] music blasted out at full volume. 3. kick, strike, or throw (a ball) hard: Ripken blasted the ball into the gap in right field. 4. poetic/lit. (of a wind or other natural force) wither, shrivel, or blight (a plant): crops blasted on the eve of harvest. ∎  strike with divine anger: damn and blast this awful place! PHRASES: (at) full blast at maximum power or intensity: the heat is on full blast.PHRASAL VERBS: blast off (of a rocket or spacecraft) take off from a launching site.

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blastaghast, avast, Belfast, blast, cast, caste, contrast, fast, last, mast, miscast, outlast, past, rat-arsed, unsurpassed, vast •steadfast • lightfast • holdfast •sunfast • colourfast • flabbergast •simulcast • telecast • typecast •forecast • broadcast • sportscast •downcast •outcast, outcaste •newscast • roughcast • upcast •opencast • worm cast • sandblast •Elastoplast • counterblast • mainmast •mizzenmast • topmast • foremast •fly-past

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blast gust of wind or air. OE. blǣst = OHG. blāst, ON. blástr (perh. the immed. source in ME.) :- Gmc. *blǣstaz, f. *blǣs (see BLAZE3).
Hence blast vb. XIV.

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blast (blahst) n. an important cause of serious soft-tissue injury that is associated with explosions or high-velocity missiles. The eardrums, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract are especially vulnerable to the indirect effects of the blast wave.

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a company of hunters, 1486 [a pun on the blast of the hunters horn].

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