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vent1 / vent/ • n. an opening that allows air, gas, or liquid to pass out of or into a confined space. ∎ fig. release or expression of a strong emotion, energy, etc.: children give vent to their anger in various ways. ∎  the opening of a volcano, through which lava and other materials are emitted. ∎  hist. the touch hole of a gun. ∎  the anus, esp. one in a lower animal such as a fish that serves for both excretion and reproduction. • v. [tr.] 1. give free expression to (a strong emotion): he had come to vent his rage and despair. 2. provide with an outlet for air, gas, or liquid: clothes dryers must be vented to the outside. ∎  discharge or expel (air, gas, or liquid) through an outlet: the plant was isolated and the gas vented. ∎  permit air to enter (a beer cask). DERIVATIVES: vent·less adj.vent2 • n. a slit in a garment, esp. in the lower edge of the back of a coat through the seam.

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ventant, Brabant, Brandt, brant, cant, enceinte, extant, gallant, Kant, levant, pant, pointe, pointes, rant, scant •confidant • commandant • hierophant •Rembrandt • Amirante •gallivant •aren't, aslant, aunt, can't, chant, courante, détente, enchant, entente, grant, implant, Nantes, plant, shan't, slant, supplant, transplant, underplant •plainchant • ashplant • eggplant •house plant • restaurant •debutant, debutante •absent, accent, anent, ascent, assent, augment, bent, cement, cent, circumvent, consent, content, dent, event, extent, ferment, foment, forewent, forwent, frequent, gent, Ghent, Gwent, lament, leant, lent, meant, misrepresent, misspent, outwent, pent, percent, pigment, rent, scent, segment, sent, spent, stent, Stoke-on-Trent, Tashkent, tent, torment, Trent, underspent, underwent, vent, went •orient • comment • portent •malcontent

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vent1 †provide with an outlet for gas, etc. XIV; †discharge (fluid) XVI; give free course to, utter; intr. †(of animals) scent, (of otters, etc.) rise to the surface to breathe. prob. aphetic of †avent (XIV) — OF. aventer, var. of esventer (mod. éventer) create wind, expose to the air, divulge, scent:- Rom. *exventāre, f. L. EX-1 + ventum WIND1.
Hence (partly after F. †esvent, évent) vent sb. A. †discharge, utterance; issue, outlet XVI; means of outlet, opportunity of escape XVII; B. anus; aperture, outlet XVI; way out XVII.

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1. Aperture, air-hole, or passage to allow fresh air to enter and foul air to leave.

2. Chimney-flue.

3. Opening-light, hinged at the top or bottom, in a metal window.

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vent2 opening or slit in a garment. XV. var. of (dial.) fent (XV) — (O)F. fente slit:- Rom. *findita (repl. L. fissa), sb. use of fem. pp. of L. findere cleave, split.

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vent (Fr.). Wind. instruments à vent, wind instruments.

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