views updated May 17 2018

uraeus (pl. uraei). Representation of the sacred asp, cobra, or serpent, e.g. on the Nemes headdress of Ancient Egyptian divinities and sovereigns, or on either side of winged discs or globes on the gorge-cornice of Egyptian architecture. See also ouroboros.


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views updated May 23 2018

uraeus a representation of a sacred serpent as an emblem of supreme power, worn on the headdresses of ancient Egyptian deities and sovereigns. The word comes (in the mid 19th century, via modern Latin) from Greek ouraios, representing the Egyptian word for ‘cobra’.


views updated May 29 2018

uraeus representation of the sacred asp or serpent on the headdress of ancient Egyptian deities and kings. XIX. — Gr. ouraîos, of Egyptian orig.