Gaddi, Taddeo

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Gaddi, Taddeo (c.1297– after c.1366). Consultant architect to the Cathedral in Florence (where he probably completed Giotto's campanile from 1337), he also appears to have been responsible for the rebuilding of the Ponte Vecchio (1333–45). He may also have worked at the Palazzo Vecchio (c.1333). Agnolo Gaddi (fl. second half of C14), presumably Taddeo's son, may have designed several Florentine buildings, but the evidence is confused.


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Gaddi, Taddeo

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Gaddi, Taddeo (c.1300–c.1366) Leading member in a family of Florentine artists. Taddeo's father, Gaddo di Zanobi (c.1259–c.1330), was a noted painter and mosaicist. Taddeo served as an apprentice to Giotto. His best-known work is the fresco series Life of the Virgin (completed in 1338). Taddeo's son, Agnolo (d.1396), also painted frescos; the most famous is the Legend of the True Cross (c.1380).