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sham / sham/ • n. 1. a thing that is not what it is purported to be: the proposed legislation is a farce and a sham. ∎  pretense: it all turned out to be sham and hypocrisy. ∎  a person who pretends to be someone or something they are not: he was a sham, totally unqualified for his job as a senior doctor. 2. short for pillow sham. • adj. bogus; false: a clergyman who arranged a sham marriage. • v. (shammed , sham·ming ) [intr.] falsely present something as the truth: was he ill or was he shamming? ∎  [tr.] pretend to be or to be experiencing: she shams indifference. DERIVATIVES: sham·mer n.

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sham sb. †trick, fraud XVII; spurious imitation XVIII; adj. false, counterfeit XVII; vb. †defraud. hoax; †attempt to pass off; counterfeit, assume appearance of XVII. of uncert. orig.; poss. north. dial. var. of SHAME.

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sham. C18 term for a fake ‘ruin’ or other building erected for effect, e.g. the ‘Sham Gothic’ of Batty Langley.


K. Clark (1974)

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False; without substance.

A sham pleading is one that is good in form but is so clearly false in fact that it does not raise any genuine issue.