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quar·rel1 / ˈkwôrəl; ˈkwä-/ • n. an angry argument or disagreement, typically between people who are usually on good terms: he made the mistake of picking a quarrel with John. ∎  a reason for disagreement with a person, group, or principle: we have no quarrel with the people of the country, only with the dictator.• v. (-reled , -rel·ing ; Brit. -relled, -rel·ling) [intr.] have an angry argument or disagreement: stop quarreling with your sister. ∎  (quarrel with) take exception to or disagree with (something): some people quarrel with this approach.DERIVATIVES: quar·rel·er n.quar·rel2 • n. 1. hist. a short, heavy, square-headed arrow or bolt used in a crossbow or arbalest.2. another term for quarry3 .


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quarrel, quarry.
1. Lozenge-shaped or square piece of glass held in the cames of leaded lights.

2. Approximately lozenge-or square-shaped light in Gothic tracery.

3. Any floor-tile, lozenge-shaped or square.


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quarrel2 †complaint, accusation; ground of complaint XIV; violent contention XVI. ME. querele — OF. querele (mod. querelle):- L. querella, var. of querēla complaint, f. querī complain.
So vb. XIV (then not before XVI). In ME. — OF. quereler; afterwards f. the sb. Hence quarrelsome (-SOME1) XVI.


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quarrel the quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love proverbial saying, early 16th century, meaning that love can be renewed through reconciliation. The same idea is found earlier in Latin, in the writings of the Roman comic dramatist Terence (c.190–159 bc), ‘lovers' quarrels are a strengthening of love.’

See also it takes two to make a quarrel.


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quarrel1 short square-headed arrow XIII; square or diamond-shaped pane of glass XV. — OF. quar(r)el (mod. carreau):- Rom. *quadrellus, dim. of late L. quadrus square.