views updated May 17 2018

fron·tal1 / ˈfrəntl/ • adj. of or at the front: the frontal view misses the octagonal tower. ∎  (of an attack) delivered directly on the front, not the side or back: a frontal assault upon the Iraqi fortifications. ∎  of or relating to the forehead or front part of the skull: the frontal sinuses.DERIVATIVES: fron·tal·ly / ˈfrəntl-ē/ adv.fron·tal2 • n. a decorative cloth for covering the front of an altar.


views updated May 18 2018

1. Antependium, movable or fixed, in front of a church-altar from the table downwards. It is often an embroidered cloth, but can be carved or painted.

2. Small pediment or other decorative top to a door-case, niche, etc., but this usage may be a corruption of fronton.


views updated Jun 11 2018

frontal (frun-t'l) adj.
1. of or relating to the forehead. f. bone the bone forming the forehead and the upper parts of the orbits. f. sinuses see paranasal sinuses.

2. denoting the anterior part of a body or organ. f. lobe the anterior part of each cerebral hemisphere, extending as far back as the deep central sulcus of its upper and outer surface.