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com·part·ment / kəmˈpärtmənt/ • n. 1. a separate section or part of something, in particular: ∎  a division of a railroad car marked by partitions: a first-class compartment. ∎  a section of a container in which certain items can be kept separate from others: the freezer compartment. ∎  a watertight section of a ship: the cargo compartment. ∎ fig. an area in which something can be considered in isolation from other things: religion and politics should be kept in different compartments. 2. Heraldry a grassy mound or other support depicted below a shield. • v. [tr.] (usu. be compartmented) divide (something) into separate parts or sections. DERIVATIVES: com·part·men·ta·tion / kəmˌpärtˌmenˈtāshən; -mən-/ n.

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compartment (kŏm-part-mĕnt) n. any one of the spaces in a limb that are bounded by bone and thick sheets of fascia and contain the muscles and other tissues of the limb. c. syndrome swelling of the muscles in a compartment, which raises the pressure within so that the blood supply to the muscle is cut off, causing ischaemia and further swelling. It is caused by trauma, damage to blood vessels, reperfusion after ischaemia, or tight casts or bandages. See also Volkmann's contracture.

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compartment XVI (-iment, -ement). — F. compartiment — It. compartimento, f. compartire share — late L. compartīrī, f. COM- (intensive) + partīrī, f. pars, part- PART; see -MENT.

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1. Clearly defined area within a garden, often hedged or walled in.

2. Room in a building, or an area partitioned off.

3. Subdivision of a larger division in a building.

4. Coffer in a ceiling.

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