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1. Large niche.

2. Recess or part of a chamber defined by an estrade, partition, or balustrade, for a bed.

3. Arched recess or niche in the wall of any building or room.

4. Covered retreat, bower, summer-house, or recess in a wall or hedge in a garden or pleasure-ground provided with seats. From the Arabic for a ‘vaulted chamber’.

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al·cove / ˈalˌkōv/ • n. a recess, typically in the wall of a room or of a garden.

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alcove XVII. — F. alcôve — Sp. alcoba — Arab. al-ḳubba, i.e. AL-2, ḳubba vault.

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alcovebehove, clove, cove, dove, drove, fauve, grove, interwove, Jove, mauve, rove, shrove, stove, strove, trove, wove •alcove • mangrove

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alcove A steep-sided hollow eroded by a stream from an exposed rock face.