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in·clu·sive / inˈkloōsiv/ • adj. including or covering all the services, facilities, or items normally expected or required: the price is inclusive, with few incidentals. ∎  (inclusive of) containing (a specified element) as part of a whole: all prices are inclusive of taxes. ∎  with the inclusion of the extreme limits stated: between the ages of 55 and 59 inclusive. ∎  not excluding any section of society or any party involved in something: only an inclusive peace process will end the conflict. ∎  (of language) deliberately nonsexist, esp. avoiding the use of masculine pronouns to refer to both men and women. DERIVATIVES: in·clu·sive·ly adv. in·clu·sive·ness n.

views updated

inclusiveimpassive, massive, passive •expansive •aggressive, compressive, concessive, degressive, depressive, digressive, excessive, expressive, impressive, obsessive, oppressive, possessive, progressive, recessive, regressive, repressive, retrogressive, successive, transgressive •reflexive •apprehensive, coextensive, comprehensive, defensive, expensive, extensive, intensive, offensive, ostensive, pensive, suspensive •counteroffensive •abrasive, evasive, invasive, persuasive, pervasive •adhesive, cohesive •missive, omissive, permissive, submissive •decisive, derisive, divisive, incisive •irresponsive, responsive •corrosive, explosive, implosive, plosive •abusive, allusive, collusive, conclusive, conducive, delusive, diffusive, effusive, elusive, exclusive, illusive, inclusive, intrusive, obtrusive, preclusive, reclusive, seclusive •percussive •compulsive, convulsive, impulsive, propulsive, repulsive •purposive •coercive, cursive, excursive, subversive