Xul Solar, (1888–1963)

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Xul Solar, (1888–1963)

Xul Solar (Oscar Agustín Alejandro Schulz Solari; b. 14 December 1888; d. 10 April 1963). Argentine painter and illustrator who also made musical instruments and toys. Xul Solar was born in San Fernando, Buenos Aires Province. He studied engineering and architecture at the University of Buenos Aires. He left school and traveled to Paris, where he studied drawing and painting with Emilio Pettorutti in 1908. His first artistic attempts, in 1917, related to art nouveau forms. The art of Xul Solar possesses an esoteric flavor of deep religious and metaphysical suggestion. In an imaginary space, Xul Solar combines faces, magical elements, and fragmentary objects, treating his material in a schematic, planimetric way with dynamic action and an exceptional refinement of color.

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