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XX/XY ★★½ 2002 (R)

In 1993, Coles Burroughs (Ruffalo) is studying film at Sarah Lawrence, meets fellow students Sam (Stange) and Thea (Robertson), and tries a menage a trois until pairing up with Sam for awhile. Ten years later, Coles is an ad exec living with longtime girlfriend Claire (Wright), Thea runs a restaurant with husband Miles (Thornton), and Sam has just returned from London after breaking her engagement. Sam and Coles meet accidentally and they're soon rekindling their long-ago flame. The sexual intrigue comes to a head during a weekend in the Hamptons. 91m/C VHS, DVD . US Mark Ruffalo, Maya Stange, Kathleen Robertson, Petra Wright, David Thornton, Kel O'Neill, Joshua Spafford, Zach Shaffer; D: Austin Chick; W: Austin Chick; C: Uta Briesewitz.